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Everybody knows this scheme:
Some random kid from a tiny village turns from zero to hero and saves the world. 
Nope, not with me.
You're Alexandra, an 18 year old swordmaster from the southcoast, and just as your parents you work for the highest force of the kingdom military: The Special Defense Unit (SDU). Your job is to travel the world with your new team, solve the problems of local villagers and discover the ancient secrets of your world. Start whereever you want, at some point you'll stumble over a girl called Arien and that's where your Legend will begin.

How to play:
You have one year.
One year of ingame time to achieve whatever you want. You can go exploring, visit festivals and make new friends or concentrate on quests and your training. But beware! Whatever you do, you only have one chance. You can't retry quests if you fail or miss the deadline.
Jup, there's no "This quest is important - Let's do that next week".
The same goes for festivals or birthdays. Missed them? Whoops, try next year!
While traveling, random events can occur depending on:
- which characters are in your party?
- what day/time/weather is it?
- how did you behave in the story so far?
Time passes, you'll get hungry and tired. You gotta sleep and eat, therefore solve quests so you can afford food but keep in mind shops are closed at night.
There are several ways to solve a quest.
There are optional characters you can meet or ignore, get to know, argue with or even date.
There are places you can only enter with specific characters.
There's this.
There's that.
There's so much more.
All coming soon :3

Your team:
- Age: 18
- Profession: Swordmaster
- Main trait: Sassy as fuck

- Age: 18
- Profession: Swordmaster
- Main trait: Optimistic playboy

- Age: 19
- Profession: Telekinetic
- Main trait: Silent genius

- Age: 19
- Profession: Telepath
- Main trait: Crazy chick

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i am excited about this lol